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Debbie Kerr

Like everyone, I am many things to many people. In addition to being the main blogger on this site, I am a person who loves to write a range of things from the creative to the educational.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and completed active treatment that same year (surgery, chemo and radiation). For seven years I was on drugs (not that kind) to help keep hormone positive cancer from returning. While the medication kept the cancer at bay, there were side effects that resulted in many surgeries, where my last one was in 2020. 

As my journey continued, I also continued to learn and I have used those learnings to educate others and to advocate for changes in the healthcare system. It's now one of my biggest passions. 

While doing all these things, my strongest attribute might be my sense of humour. 

Debbie Kerr is the writer of of posts on this site.
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